The Matinia Necklace was designed to help off-set the cost of Zel, a non-profit program instituted by Chances for Children.


The necklace's namesake, Matinia, a mother of four, started learning to sew at the Zel sewing roomin March 2017. Matinia had been regularly bringing her children to one of the feeding programs before our Medical Clinic manager referred her to Zel. Until Matinia was competent at sewing, she was assembling these necklaces to earn income.


The necklaces are "18" silver plated chain with aluminum pendant inscribed with "Zel," "Zel Haiti," "Haiti," or "Espwa" (Creole for Hope!) or a Custom Design! Please note: a custom design will have a longer turn around time due to us having to ship from Haiti. All either have a heart or small wing stamped on the pendant, and include a wing pendant as well. Please note that aluminum is a wonderful soft metal to learn jewlery stamping, but it does scratch easier than other metals.


Thank you for supporting Zel Haiti and Matinia!



Zel Haiti "Matinia" Necklace