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Both Zel Haiti and Ila Joi make up the Women Empowerment {WE} programs for Chances for Children. Our ultimate goal is to create sustainable jobs so that families can stay where they belong . . . together.


What began as a gathering of three mothers crafting together under a tent in the months following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, has now launched into the newest brand of faith-based, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories known as ila joi (pronounced "eela jwah" by our Creole speaking friends.) To us, the name ila joi means "From the island rejoicing."


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In Haiti, relationships rank higher than most things in life. 


In our business, we value relationships. So far, we have partnered with three businesses in Haiti who are purchasing scrubs from us. In addition, in the US, we have relationships with clinics and hospitals on both coasts. Maybe you want to join the #fashionrevolution and be able to answer, "Who made my clothes?"

What does it mean to be a partner clinic?


A partner clinic simply commits to buying our scrubs at a slightly discounted rate. While we do have wholesale pricing available, it is not a deep discount you will find buying scrubs made in large factories. The partner clinic will receive regular updates on the families that Zel Haiti employees and the impact of their purchases. Partner clinics will be featured on the Zel Haiti website, If the partner clinic and staff agrees, staff wearing Zel Haiti scrubs may be photographed for our site.


How does it work?


The partner clinic will choose the total number of scrubs they would like to purchase for a discounted price. Orders could be split up, receiving as few as 5-20 pairs at one time. The total investment will vary, depending on the total number of scrubs the partner clinic chooses. If the partner clinic choses to split up the orders, they will only be charged for the number of pairs they receive with each shipment.

If you are interested in becoming a partner clinic, please email us:


Thank you!