"My daughter, Cailyn, works with C4C. I have learned from Cailyn how the women of Zel Haiti work so very hard to support their family through sewing and crafting a variety of items and others who have been given opportunities to grow their businesses.  That really interested me because I love to sew and I would really enjoy helping these wonderful women any way I can. Getting your support is a small part of what I can do. Please consider giving to this amazing organization to help these Haitians and their families. Thank you! God bless you!"

"The people of Haiti hold a special place in my heart. They are resilient and hardworking and trust in the Lord even through the struggles of making it to the next day. Help us support Zel Haiti in empowering women to learn a skill and work to be able to provide food and care for their families."

"Zel Haiti is an organization whose mission we want to champion as a family.  It feels like a partnership for us and not simply a charitable donation. When a small business loan helps a family succeed, we cheer and celebrate with them!"

"I have been blessed by the men and women that are part of our Zel Haiti program, as I was able to see them work first hand while I lived on site in Haiti. They are all extremely hard workers who are so proud of their work and gain dignity through having a consistent, fair wage job. The 10 women and 1 man in our microlending program have also benefited greatly from growing their businesses so that they can better provide for their families. Your support is truly empowering each of our artisans and business owners and helping keep their families together."

"I have come to learn a lot about the struggles Haitians face daily in finding consistent work, and I am happy to do what I can to help support artisans and microloan participants better provide for their families."

"What a privilege it is to support the working moms of Zel Haiti. These Haitian seamstresses take on many roles as entrepreneurs, creators, women, providers, and moms. Haiti is full of soul, but unfortunately because of the economic distress, poverty tears children away from their caregivers and parents, into orphanages.  The women of Zel Haiti are working hard to supply well-crafted material and keep their families together. I have only been told stories of life in Haiti, and God has placed it on my heart to love them well in the ways that I can. One major way of showing love is to provide funding for these women. Let's support one another during our time here on Earth."

"As a women's ministry director, I am passionate about encouraging women to be rooted in God's Word and to flourish in the calling that He has given them. Zel is one of those programs that does just that. I have had the privilege of visiting the sewing room and seeing the women in action as they encourage one another in their faith along with learning sewing and business skills to develop their gifts and serve their families well."

"Giving women and mothers the skills and encouragement they need to be able to support themselves and their families is such an important and beautiful thing! That's exactly what Zel Haiti does (& more!!) and it's an honor to have the opportunity to support this amazing work!"